About Simon’s House

I started Simon’s House because I love interiors, I love seeing transformations, and I wanted to finally (after a 21 year corporate career) pursue what I love doing.  Everyone should live in a beautiful space that reflects their own aesthetic.  It’s your home, so you should love it; and you should feel inspired every time you walk into it.  

Our own home is constantly changing.  Things come in (more frequently than I can keep up with sometimes), things go out, and our style continually evolves.  I like things tidy and properly placed; but it’s our home, so it has to be comfortable and nothing is off limits.  Case in point, when you combine a large, white linen sectional sofa with four shedding, hairball prone cats, a dog, and a love for red wine you learn to relax or otherwise drive yourself a little mad with worry.  Creating a beautiful and livable home is about combining what you love with your lifestyle – both are possible.  

If it’s one room or multiple, I would love the opportunity to work with you. And the process doesn’t have to happen all at once if that is a better approach for you – we can collaborate to the extent that you desire and are most comfortable.  

Jeff Snyder, Owner of Simon’s House

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