Simon’s House offers interior decor services that range from consultation and editing to full room or home interior design. To be flexible in meeting client needs, pricing is currently offered on an hourly, per room, or project basis depending on the service desired.


Hourly billing works well for in-home consultations, small space design, shopping assistance, and design assistance as the client desires beyond the other options below.

Per Room

The per room fee is based on the type of room, size of room, the extent of the design and our involvement in purchases and implementation.  I will suggest a room arrangement (at least a couple where possible, depending on the room) and pull together a concept that meets the client’s needs, desired style, and budget.  It can incorporate existing pieces with new suggestions or be suggestions on all new pieces.

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This structure works best with larger projects and budgets, and is typically calculated as a percentage of the client’s overall budget for design and decor.

I would be happy to discuss your interest and pricing if you would like to learn more.  You can send a message via the Contact section of our website and I will get back with you promptly.  I look forward to speaking with you!