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My goal was a space that was an extension of the inside, one that was covered so that we could enjoy it on rainy days (and to help block the sun); but, it needed to feel like we were fully outside and not enclosed at all.  Therefore, I really wanted to avoid having to add screening.  We’re fortunate that (knock wood) we do not have a problem with bugs or mosquitoes in our back yard, so forfeiting a screened enclosure was not a detriment to enjoying the space whenever we wanted.  Although the porch foundation is elevated due to the height of the back door and windows, I also passed on any railings around the porch (we did have to adhere to the height requirements to be able to do this, which meant building up the surrounding ground a few inches).

I created some sketches of what I wanted, along with size/dimensions; and our contractor took it from there, ensuring that my concept was structurally sound and architecturally fit.

IMG_7604 IMG_7619

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  1. Jo Beck May 6, 2015

    Love it. You did a great thing doing this. Very special. Jo

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