Friday Find

Noir Furniture is a favorite source of mine for unique pieces and their price point is very approachable.  I was familiarizing myself with their product catalogue and there were several pieces that I kept thinking about.  The Spade Console is one of those pieces.  At first, I glanced at it and moved on, but I found myself going back to the photo (it was growing on me) and I was envisioning it in particular spaces.  It’s a simple piece, really, but has a uniqueness with its ‘talonesque’ feet (maybe not for everyone I suspect).  It’s sort of a whimsical play on the more traditional clawfoot base, yet still a serious piece.   

Spade Console

It’s walnut, finished with teak oil, and would really make a statement in an entryway/foyer.  It has a longevity to it – I could see it being used in a home for a really long time as it’s a great piece to move around for an update to any room.  I like pieces that can be used in multiple spaces and this is one of those.  In a living room, a foyer, a den or library this piece would be a great addition.  

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