How the New Storefront is Taking Shape…

The updates to our new storefront continue, and hopefully they should be completed by the end of the week.  It’s wonderful to watch the transformation that we could envision come to life.  To give you an idea of the changes, here are a few shots of of one of the rooms and how it’s been evolving.  


This is the space as we saw it for the first time, filled with the design talent of a local architectural firm.  A long, long time ago I thought I wanted to be an architect, so I stretched out the whole fate thing and took this as one of a few signs that this was the right space for us.  And, we’re hoping their design success in this space rubs off on us, too.

       IMG_0032 IMG_0033

The space after being vacated – it seemed to double in size once empty, and even more so when the dark carpeting was removed….


       IMG_0171 IMG_0170

Freshly painted walls and ceiling, and I couldn’t be happier with the color for the walls.  It is White Wisp and has just the right gray undertone I was hoping for.  Usually I test a color before deciding, but I needed to make a quick decision so that nothing was held up.  I really felt this was the right one, and it worked (whew!).  But the biggest change was replacing all of the out-dated lighting (removal of existing canisters and replaced with newer fixtures with LED lighting).  They had been there for so long that size of canister is not even available any longer.  


The flooring installation started last week and continues this week.  This was a little leap of faith as we weren’t familiar with vinyl flooring; but, we are very happy with our selection as it looks so much like hardwoods.  It’s just the look I was hoping for.  

January will be an extremely hectic month – two out of town trips for procuring art and other items, as well as getting moved in (and probably a bazillion iterations of moving things around) for a February opening. 


  1. Jo Beck December 29, 2014

    Love the space and how you have fixed it already. So Happy for you. Jo

  2. Debbie December 29, 2014

    So exciting!!

  3. Melina December 31, 2014

    Can’t wait to see the space all spiffed up!!

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