Exciting News for Simon’s House

We’ve been working on something for several weeks now.  It’s a venture that we thought we would take on much later down the road; but the more we considered it, the more we felt we really had no great reason to hold off.  Simon’s House will become a full-fledged retail and design service space in downtown Raleigh in early next year.  Wow!  So exciting, but a wee bit terrifying at the same time.  My list of to-dos and ideas is pages long, but surprisingly I’m staying rather calm about it. So far.

The space we found is located in the Glenwood South district downtown and is in a building constructed in 1921.  When we decided to start looking at available spaces around Raleigh, our wish list included: @ 1,000-2,000 square feet, good location, an open plan (or potential for being one), space for office/design work, high ceilings, good lighting, ground level, a rent that allowed us to sleep at night, and minimal work needed.  We learned quickly that our wish list in Raleigh’s current commercial market was akin to wishing we could win the lottery.  But after a few weeks of trying to find a space on our own, we turned to a broker who seemingly had a magic wand, waved it around and uncovered a space that met almost everything on our wish list.  It’s a second floor space, but everything else about it felt just too good to pass up.  

IMG_6541 IMG_6532

We signed the lease last week and assume the space on January 1st.  The landlord was very kind to us and has already given us the keys so that we can go to the space when we want to for planning purposes.  We’ve met most of the other business owners in the building and everyone has been super welcoming and seem excited about us moving in.  

A few photos of the interior:

IMG_6711 IMG_6692

IMG_6724 IMG_6720

There are nine large windows (each around 4’x6′!), so the amount of natural light is just amazing.  I want to really use that to our advantage and keep our palette simple, light and neutral.  So, for paint and flooring I’ve selected these:

BM White Wisp

Benjamin Moore White Wisp on all the walls of the retail space.

BM Pebble Beach BM Gunmetal

Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach for the office / design space; and, Benjamin Moore Gunmetal for all the doors.  

Seville Floor

We found what appears to be a great vinyl product that should hold up for commercial use, yet still have the aesthetic of real hardwoods.  This is “Seville” from gofloors.com.

I think this palette will give us a world of versatility in showcasing our items and will have a welcoming, casual feel.  I want to create a space where people feel comfortable and want to linger for a while – and most definitely want to return to.  So, nothing too formal, precious, or too crowded – it should flow well and have enough items to keep a customer interested for a good while, but it cannot feel too claustrophobic.

More to come…


  1. Debbie December 12, 2014

    This is going to be totally amazing. The space is awesome. Could not be happier for you in your new venture.

  2. Jeff December 14, 2014

    Thank you!!!! 🙂 We feel so fortunate we were able to get this space – it has so much potential.

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