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High Point Market Spring 2015

High Point Furniture Market opened this past Saturday.  Such a great opportunity to see the new items for favorite lines and discover new ones.  Plus, if you’re lucky, you get a few ‘star’ sightings from the design world.  

Due to our schedule, we only had one day at market.  But that’s just enough time to hone in on select, favorite showrooms to see the gorgeous displays and the new lines that are being introduced.  I have many favorite pieces and collections, but I have to say I was absolutely blown away by Kelly Wearstler’s collection by EJ Victor.  I think my jaw actually dropped when I saw it.  A score for EJ for getting her collection and another score for their excellent production of her designs.


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Did you miss our post from earlier this week?

So, apparently subscribers did not get an email notice of the post I did earlier this week. Take a look here if you missed it.  

Obsessed with Orange

I’m automatically drawn to white. I tend to see white objects, even furniture, as sculptural.  It’s only been in recent years that I’ve been drawn to colorful interiors, but one color has always been my favorite to use as an accent in a neutral space – orange. 

Orange is a challenging color – if used well even an orange-hater can appreciate it, but used poorly it can be a disaster.  You can probably say that for any color, really; but, I think people are afraid of orange more than most colors.  If you are hesitant, the key is to start slowly – add one or two orange accents (a box, a pillow, a piece of art) and live with it.  And then add more if you find yourself really enjoying the energy it adds to a space.  I love orange mixed with shades of blue, but I especially like it when it is one of the only colors used in a primarily neutral space.  It really stands out and enhances a neutral palette.  

I have a board on Pinterest called ‘Orangeness’ and below are a few of my favorites pins:

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Black Interior Doors

I’m considering painting some of our interior doors black.  All of the interior doors throughout the house are stock grade, plain, and in their current semi gloss white paint they just fade into the walls. They are “paneled” (a plus) but have curvy arches at the top (a negative), so I’m thinking that not only will black provide depth, interest and a needed contrast, but it should also de-emphasize the arches (simply from the perspective that the black would be the focus, not the style of the door).

When we remodeled last year, I had our single front door, side lights and transom removed; and I replaced them with double, 3/4 glass doors, painted black on both the exterior and interior.  I would never go back, and you adjust quickly to the fishbowl lifestyle of a glass front door.  

Original door…

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Mix in the Modern

A friend (who also happens to be a client) turned me on to a great retailer of modern furniture, Rove Concepts at  I think she scours the web as much as I do for design inspiration.   Rove Concepts has a great, affordable selection of modern pieces, many of which are inspired-by-the-classics (my tag line, not theirs).

One of my favorite pieces that they carry is the Ball Chair, inspired by the Eero Aarnio Ball Chair.  It’s a lot to take in, and a big commitment design-wise, but it’s such a fun and sculptural piece that I’m drawn to it.


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