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High Point Market Spring 2015

High Point Furniture Market opened this past Saturday.  Such a great opportunity to see the new items for favorite lines and discover new ones.  Plus, if you’re lucky, you get a few ‘star’ sightings from the design world.  

Due to our schedule, we only had one day at market.  But that’s just enough time to hone in on select, favorite showrooms to see the gorgeous displays and the new lines that are being introduced.  I have many favorite pieces and collections, but I have to say I was absolutely blown away by Kelly Wearstler’s collection by EJ Victor.  I think my jaw actually dropped when I saw it.  A score for EJ for getting her collection and another score for their excellent production of her designs.





Arteriors Home is a favorite of ours for their lighting, accessories and accent furniture.  We carry several of their items in our shop and they complement our other items beautifully.  We love the quality of product and their designs never disappoint.  One of our favorite items was the black hide ottoman with a brass base – maybe because it had such a Kelly Wearstler vibe(?).

IMG_7459 IMG_7458 IMG_7432

Visual Comfort – also at the top of our list to visit.  Last year they were one of our favorite showrooms, but they were also serving mimosas that Sunday morning (and the servers said because several people seemed hesitant to take them that early, and on a Sunday, they kept coming around to us, two who clearly had no problem throwing back a few mimosas).  Anyway, this year they happened to not be serving mimosas when we visited, but the roster of designers and beauty of the product puts them at the top regardless:  Ralph Lauren, Thomas O’Brien, Kelly Wearstler, Aerin Lauder…  The lighting there is like art.  So well designed and sculptural.







We’ve only recently discovered Phillips Scott, based out of Atlanta, and have their Havana Chairs in our shop.  They have a nice selection and their price point is very good.  I’m particularly interested in the Copley slipper chair which comes at a price that would allow it to be re-upholstered in a custom fabric and still be a good price for the end product – it would make a great accent chair.

IMG_7391 IMG_7393

IMG_7401 IMG_7403

I like NOIR for their unique, casual pieces and we carry a few in our shop.  I focused this visit on checking out their accessories, particularly their marble items – I think I’ll be considering these selections for the shop.

IMG_7426  IMG_7423



And this little ottoman from Worlds Away…  Love the finish, and I can imagine it reupholstered in a patterned velvet.


Lastly, I took the opportunity to check out Mirror Image Home and was very impressed with the quality and selection of product.  I’m not usually a big fan of sunburst mirrors, but these, particularly the gold leaf by Barclay Butera, are done very well.  And the sapphire blue mirror by Bunny Williams is stunning.

IMG_7399 IMG_7397


Did you miss our post from earlier this week?

So, apparently subscribers did not get an email notice of the post I did earlier this week. Take a look here if you missed it.  

Obsessed with Orange

I’m automatically drawn to white. I tend to see white objects, even furniture, as sculptural.  It’s only been in recent years that I’ve been drawn to colorful interiors, but one color has always been my favorite to use as an accent in a neutral space – orange. 

Orange is a challenging color – if used well even an orange-hater can appreciate it, but used poorly it can be a disaster.  You can probably say that for any color, really; but, I think people are afraid of orange more than most colors.  If you are hesitant, the key is to start slowly – add one or two orange accents (a box, a pillow, a piece of art) and live with it.  And then add more if you find yourself really enjoying the energy it adds to a space.  I love orange mixed with shades of blue, but I especially like it when it is one of the only colors used in a primarily neutral space.  It really stands out and enhances a neutral palette.  

I have a board on Pinterest called ‘Orangeness’ and below are a few of my favorites pins:


(Above: The entrance to the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs.  I love walking through these doors.)

front door             ext walls

int laquered walls

(More welcoming orange Entries.  The high gloss orange hall in the third photo might be, I’ll admit, a bit over the top; but, I appreciate anyone and any design that is willing to take this risk.)

stair runner

(An orange runner on an all white staircase – a major statement for an entry.)

          sofa orange ottoman and pillows

(Careful insertions of orange in otherwise neutral spaces.)

twin headboards


(Headboards in orange.  I really like orange with blue and turquoise.)

          furniture and art breakfast nook       cabinets


high gloss walls and built ins

(Orange lacquered walls / built-ins perfectly done.)


(On the ceiling!)

bath console

(all images via Pinterest)

Black Interior Doors

I’m considering painting some of our interior doors black.  All of the interior doors throughout the house are stock grade, plain, and in their current semi gloss white paint they just fade into the walls. They are “paneled” (a plus) but have curvy arches at the top (a negative), so I’m thinking that not only will black provide depth, interest and a needed contrast, but it should also de-emphasize the arches (simply from the perspective that the black would be the focus, not the style of the door).

When we remodeled last year, I had our single front door, side lights and transom removed; and I replaced them with double, 3/4 glass doors, painted black on both the exterior and interior.  I would never go back, and you adjust quickly to the fishbowl lifestyle of a glass front door.  

Original door…


New doors…

 IMG_2089          IMG_2078

(images by me)

I need to decide which interior doors to paint.  The doors in and connecting to the foyer are my first consideration, but there are six doors that would need to be painted, so maybe that’s too much to take on initially.  The following photo is the rest of the foyer – there is a bathroom door (plus two more within the bathroom), an office door, a closet door and double doors to the kitchen all connected to this space. And, a glimpse of our formerly beautiful fig tree before all the lower leaves fell off this winter 🙁 


(image by me)

Second choice is our master bath – there are only two doors, so more manageable and would be a stunning contrast to the marble, like in this example:


Black doors in a bedroom (I would love those actual doors throughout my house – the style of the paneling is perfect):


I wouldn’t paint my trim black, but I love this as an example of the contrast:


(images via Pinterest)

Mix in the Modern

A friend (who also happens to be a client) turned me on to a great retailer of modern furniture, Rove Concepts at  I think she scours the web as much as I do for design inspiration.   Rove Concepts has a great, affordable selection of modern pieces, many of which are inspired-by-the-classics (my tag line, not theirs).

One of my favorite pieces that they carry is the Ball Chair, inspired by the Eero Aarnio Ball Chair.  It’s a lot to take in, and a big commitment design-wise, but it’s such a fun and sculptural piece that I’m drawn to it.


I could envision this piece in a number of interior spaces, but an obvious space in which I can see it fitting perfectly is architect Jeffrey Povero’s apartment.  I’ve always loved his aesthetic since I saw photos of his apartment a few years ago.  (And I have to admit, those shelves speak to my obsession of everything being in it’s place.)

J Povero

Another, but less obvious, style of space is this next one.  It’s a bright, tall space; but, fabric choices, the dark rug and the more traditional lines of the sofa and chair create a coziness that a ball chair would enhance.  The white frame and the sculptural qualities of the ball chair would be enough to make a bold statement and provide contrast, so I would do the upholstery in a coordinating green.


I love modern spaces, but I tend to prefer more eclectic spaces for my own home; I love to mix modern pieces with traditional ones.  That said, I do usually prefer the traditional piece to nod a bit towards modern (for example, painted black and upholstered in a black glove leather or a crisp white linen).  

A few more of my favorite pieces at Rove that would mix very well with other styles are these:

 platner-dining-chair pk_31_armchair_001_w500_h426_0 Bookcase1 barcelona-bench-two-seater