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Favorite Spaces

This study was designed by architect Linda Brettler for her husband, Matthew Weiner (creator of Mad Men).  It is in a 1920’s Spanish-style house in the Hollywood Hills that they renovated and restored.  This space immediately made me think of one you might see in a decorator show house which are, many times, experiments in design meant to wow an audience.  

I’m drawn to the contrasts of this space, a room that is essentially a garden room decorated as if it were a wood paneled study or gentleman’s den.  The custom designed shelving behind the desk looks as if it is open to the outdoors – a genius design to allow the practicality of a bookcase (a beautifully ornate one) but maintain maximum natural light.  An attention to detail has touched every inch of the space, floor to ceiling, bringing in different periods and styles.  But my favorite pieces have to be those chrome chairs in front of the desk – wow!



Outdoor Living

One of the best decisions we ever made was having the covered porch built onto the back of our house.  I wanted an addition that looked original to the house, had a substantial presence and allowed me to create an exterior space that complemented our interiors.

When we bought the house it had a wood deck that was about half the size of the space we wanted and it just wasn’t meeting our needs.  Surprisingly, the only photo I can find of the back of the house is this small, grainy one from the binder when the house was for sale.  The back yard space definitely wasn’t a selling point for us, but the potential was pretty easy to envision.


My goal was a space that was an extension of the inside, one that was covered so that we could enjoy it on rainy days (and to help block the sun); but, it needed to feel like we were fully outside and not enclosed at all.  Therefore, I really wanted to avoid having to add screening.  We’re fortunate that (knock wood) we do not have a problem with bugs or mosquitoes in our back yard, so forfeiting a screened enclosure was not a detriment to enjoying the space whenever we wanted.  Although the porch foundation is elevated due to the height of the back door and windows, I also passed on any railings around the porch (we did have to adhere to the height requirements to be able to do this, which meant building up the surrounding ground a few inches).

I created some sketches of what I wanted, along with size/dimensions; and our contractor took it from there, ensuring that my concept was structurally sound and architecturally fit.

IMG_7604 IMG_7619

The construction was a bit more extensive than expected because of the foundation that the porch required.  After getting a no-go on the first inspection of our big hole, our contractor had to dig about 9-10 feet in order to find a solid ground foundation on which the porch could be built; and, of course, it was all clay creating a big red, muddy mess.  

BackPorch 0002 BackPorch 008

It was 9 years ago that we tackled this project, so the porch decor and surrounding elements have evolved over the years, but we’ve enjoyed it immensely and it’s a perfect place to hang out in the evenings with some wine and lounge-style music.  We’re currently working on replacing plants in surrounding areas and I need to rearrange the patio off of the porch, so I’ll post photos of the full exterior when we complete those projects.  


IMG_7612 IMG_7608

I typically cringe on matching pieces inside our house, but I like an overall monochromatic, consistent look (and very little pattern) for an outdoor space; and although I do like a bit of color, I like limiting it to accessories and keeping it consistent throughout as well.  All of the furniture pieces are from Restoration Hardware and still look fantastic after many years (even the pieces on the patio) – they are definitely our retailer of choice for outdoor furniture.  The outdoor curtains are from Pottery Barn and I’m surprised how well they have done after so long – each Fall I launder them and hang them in the closet for the winter, but they typically hang outside from early May through late October.  

IMG_7598 IMG_7610


High Point Market Spring 2015

High Point Furniture Market opened this past Saturday.  Such a great opportunity to see the new items for favorite lines and discover new ones.  Plus, if you’re lucky, you get a few ‘star’ sightings from the design world.  

Due to our schedule, we only had one day at market.  But that’s just enough time to hone in on select, favorite showrooms to see the gorgeous displays and the new lines that are being introduced.  I have many favorite pieces and collections, but I have to say I was absolutely blown away by Kelly Wearstler’s collection by EJ Victor.  I think my jaw actually dropped when I saw it.  A score for EJ for getting her collection and another score for their excellent production of her designs.





Arteriors Home is a favorite of ours for their lighting, accessories and accent furniture.  We carry several of their items in our shop and they complement our other items beautifully.  We love the quality of product and their designs never disappoint.  One of our favorite items was the black hide ottoman with a brass base – maybe because it had such a Kelly Wearstler vibe(?).

IMG_7459 IMG_7458 IMG_7432

Visual Comfort – also at the top of our list to visit.  Last year they were one of our favorite showrooms, but they were also serving mimosas that Sunday morning (and the servers said because several people seemed hesitant to take them that early, and on a Sunday, they kept coming around to us, two who clearly had no problem throwing back a few mimosas).  Anyway, this year they happened to not be serving mimosas when we visited, but the roster of designers and beauty of the product puts them at the top regardless:  Ralph Lauren, Thomas O’Brien, Kelly Wearstler, Aerin Lauder…  The lighting there is like art.  So well designed and sculptural.







We’ve only recently discovered Phillips Scott, based out of Atlanta, and have their Havana Chairs in our shop.  They have a nice selection and their price point is very good.  I’m particularly interested in the Copley slipper chair which comes at a price that would allow it to be re-upholstered in a custom fabric and still be a good price for the end product – it would make a great accent chair.

IMG_7391 IMG_7393

IMG_7401 IMG_7403

I like NOIR for their unique, casual pieces and we carry a few in our shop.  I focused this visit on checking out their accessories, particularly their marble items – I think I’ll be considering these selections for the shop.

IMG_7426  IMG_7423



And this little ottoman from Worlds Away…  Love the finish, and I can imagine it reupholstered in a patterned velvet.


Lastly, I took the opportunity to check out Mirror Image Home and was very impressed with the quality and selection of product.  I’m not usually a big fan of sunburst mirrors, but these, particularly the gold leaf by Barclay Butera, are done very well.  And the sapphire blue mirror by Bunny Williams is stunning.

IMG_7399 IMG_7397


Our first official ad…

Our first official advertisement came out last week – in the April/May issue of the Raleigh/Durham Urban Home Magazine. Still seems a bit surreal pursuing something that you have thought about for so very long; and, seeing your accomplishment in print, in a magazine, feels really nice.  So nice that I decided to have some Cava to toast it.


Life in Retail

Time flies!  Our storefront has been open for ten weeks and it still seems a bit hard to believe.  We’ve been very busy filling it, arranging items and creating a space that is welcoming, casual and hopefully inspirational.  We’ve also been making our rounds via social media with lots and lots of posts to establish a presence and share our brand.  We’re definitely learning along the way, and I have to admit it still seems a bit surreal to actually have a retail space in which we can share items that can be used to create beautiful spaces.

I wanted to post a few shots from around the shop, but of course we’d love for you to stop by in person to really get a feel for our space and what we have to offer.  

IMG_7234 IMG_7321 IMG_7183

IMG_7339 IMG_7325 IMG_7324

IMG_7340 IMG_7319 IMG_7326

IMG_7191 IMG_7164 IMG_7332